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The Rapture

StartFragmentIn 2006 I released Ra. The album was really an exercise in writing to film and I was never sure how it would be received as an album in its own right.

At the time I was doing a lot of soundtrack-type material and tv work and I wanted to do an album in that kind of style. To my surprise it was received very well - I was astonished! Over the years a few people have asked if I’d ever do a follow- up. I was never sure. It was really only meant as a one- off. However, in the last couple of years I have been drawn once again to this kind of writing ( I still write for music libraries doing soundtrack work). The only problem I had was the theme. Enter ‘ The Rapture’. I’m doing a lot of reading and researching for inspiration and I’m getting close to sketching out ideas for the project. Writing ‘ Ra’ was a wonderful and challenging journey. I’m very much looking forward to getting to work on the new one!EndFragment


I'm still in the studio working on 'Light' with Brendan Eyre. Hopefully we'll see some sort of shape happening this year.

Excellent Words

The reissue of 'Excellent Words - a tribute to the music of Peter Gabriel' should be available in May. We've recorded three new tracks in addition to the existing songs. Watch this space for more news.

The Tide - Riversea

I was honoured to be asked to master the new Riversea album by Marc Atkinson and my musical collaborator, Brendan Eyre. The album has some truly beautiful moments and very mature songwriting. I also play flute on a couple of tracks too! For more info go to

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