Who we are

 A collaboration between UK musicians Tony Patterson and Doug Melbourne. Their new album, due in June 2019, is called “The Divide”.


Tony Patterson is a composer, arranger and singer with multiple TV credits including ITV,BBC, Channel Four and Channel Five. He was finalist in the BBC New Composers' campaign in 2006 and has released several albums including ' northlands'  -  a critically acclaimed album with fellow North East musician, Brendan Eyre.


Doug Melbourne is a keyboard player and programmer who’s CV includes musical contributions to BBC's “The Paras” and BBC's “That's Life”.


Tony and Doug have worked together previously with a number of projects, but most notably in the live arena - as singer and keyboard player in ReGenesis, the UK's acclaimed tribute to Peter Gabriel-era Genesis.


Despite their interest in the music of the past, "The Divide" is in fact a highly contemporary album mixing powerful rock and pop with electronica to create a unique style and approach to music making.


Lyrically many of the songs focus on current issues ranging from the rise of populist politics to the addictive nature of social networking.


We are very proud of this music and hope you will enjoy it!

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