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So the music has been performed, mixed, mastered and submitted to the record company. And now there’s gap between the end of the creative musical process, and that exciting moment when it goes on sale.

But there’s still plenty of work to be done, and now there are more people involved. Vicky And Mark Powell from Esoteric are now working to make sure that everything is ready for the June release. As well as making sure the mastered music is formatted in the correct format for production, there’s artwork, promo pictures and so on.

With the artwork, we’ve been very lucky - the artist Mark Duffy has not only designed the cover for the album, but has also produced illustrations for each song and frankly they’re stunning. Meriel Waissman has used the artwork to create a draft package of art and lyrics to accompany the music. It’s very exciting to have such talented people working on the project!

The visual side of music always fascinates me - probably because I’m no good at it. The only thing I can draw is Donald Duck (see picture!) but I’ve reluctantly had to accept that a duck doesn’t really help to bring out the emotional nuances of our album on this occasion. However, I have high hopes for the follow up album, tentatively entitled “Badly Drawn Duck”.

We didn’t really have any useable photos available (Tony and I have only met once since we started this project last autumn and we didn’t take any pictures) so at the weekend I headed for the North East to sort out a few things.

First, it was over to Steve Petch (The Progmeister), presenter on Progzilla radio where we were treated to the opportunity to listen to “The Divide” on his seriously high-end sound system! Fillings were loosened and several pets in the neighbourhood went missing. I’m pleased to say that Steve liked the album, and it stood up well to being pumped out in mega-clarity at a gazillion watts! We then did an interview for his show which I believe will be coming out in May.

Then it was back to Newcastle for photos, with Norman Glover manning the cameras. With the aid of some beer, we went to a number of moody locations in the Toon to get what we needed.

I’m not great at having my photo taken and I’m not sure its Tony’s favourite activity either so much silliness happened (see photo!) but eventually Norman was satisfied that there were at least a few pictures that wouldn’t give children sleepless nights.

More beer and an excellent curry rounded off the evening.

So - two months to go! Before long, we are hoping to have a video available, as Mark Duffy is now working on a video for the opening track of the album, “Antarctica”. I can’t wait!

In the meantime, the creativity hasn’t stopped - I’m still writing bits and pieces for future collaboration! I just hope that the World will be ready for "Badly Drawn Duck"!

More news to follow!

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